Pitfalls to Avoid When Applying for Medicaid Long-Term Care

The day you dreaded has come. You have made the decision to move your elderly parent to a nursing home. You know it is the right decision and that she will get good care. But you are worried about the cost. She does not have monthly income sufficient to cover the bill. You can’t afford to pay it for her either. You’re going to have to apply for Medicaid. What if she doesn’t qualify? After all, she does have retirement income that was supporting her decently.  It covered her living expenses when she was at home but it’s not enough to cover the nursing home bill. And she does have some assets – a home, a car, a small savings. . .  Will she loose the house?  She had wanted your brother to inherit that house.  He needs it.  If she’s not accepted for Medicaid, how will you care for her?  She can’t continue living alone.  She could live with you, but she needs someone with her at all times. You can’t quit your job to stay with her.  How would you keep up with your own bills? It’s frightening.  These thoughts and worries keep you awake every night.   Continue reading